Online SAT Studies

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It's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every Georgia high school student can log onto a Web site that has full-length SAT tests, lessons, and practice questions, and students say this free service is better than the traditional paid SAT courses.

Ellen Vedas from Lowndes High School says, "I think it's a really good idea as opposed to having to pay for it. I think it would encourage more people to take the SAT. I think more of a variety of students could, you know, get to take it as opposed to a smaller percentage. Not everybody can pay for it."

For other students the free online SAT program would mean more practice and better scores.

Tayler Jarvis says, "I've only taken the SAT once and I could get more help on it, and it's easier than looking in books and going to buy books. It's just at your house conveniently."

School officials say this new program will be accessible to more students.

Wes Taylor, Principal, says, "It's another tool that will help us increase student achievement and will hopefully help our students as well as students across Georgia increase the average SAT score."

Officials say the Web site also gives students personal feedback on essays and questions.

The online SAT practice program is operated by the college board. Students will receive a registration card through their school.