Population Decline

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Jefferson County is known for its historical homes and buildings. It's a quaint community that has stood the test of time, remaining untouched by ritzy resorts and commercial hotels.

But despite its rural charm, a published report states Jefferson is the only Florida county with a population lower than 125 years ago, but that's slowly changing.

John Finlayson says, "The two census before shows it increasing and it's changing from an agriculture county to a rural community it's a bedroom community for Tallahassee and these people want large acreage to live on."

John Dinlayson is a fifth generation Jefferson county resident. He says in the early 1800s farming was a way of life, but with the advent of technology more farmers are relying on equipment rather than man power, forcing families to move elsewhere for work.

Now in the 21st century more land is being used for condos, making room for new residents.

Retirees are starting to move into Jefferson County; in fact, several subdivisions are being developed bringing more people to the rural area, an area that will see a surge in population in years to come, changing the census records in this small rural community.

The published reports states poverty in Jefferson County may play a role for the decline in population. In Palm Beach, per capita income is $48,000, and in Jefferson it's only $24,000.