Awaiting a Verdict in a Tallahassee Murder Trial

Attorneys had one last chance to try to sway the jury Friday morning, one side painting the picture of a jealous boyfriend, the other of a man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Evelyn Rosado died in a hail of gunfire. Jurors must now decide if her on again, off again boyfriend Victor Parker is the one who pulled the trigger.

Robin Lotane, prosecutor, said, "No one else would have shot her in the face and head five times and in the chest once. No one else has that rage."

Parker admits to meeting Rosado the night she was killed, but says he was only picking up her young son C.J., who he had agreed to baby-sit that night.

His lawyer refutes the suggestion that Parker killed Rosado in a jealous rage after finding out she planned to meet another man that night.

Greg Cummings, Parker's attorney, said, "There had been many separations between these individuals, bone of which evidenced any violence to the extent the state is claiming Mr. Parker used the night she was killed."

Parker's lawyer pointed out that Rosado had spoken to three other men that night, but prosecutors say Parker was the one with her blood on his pants and gunshot residue on his hands.

The jury had been deliberating since 12:45 Friday afternoon.