Same Judge, Different Rulings

A judge has issued two rulings in two days as Maloy sued the county to pay his legal fees in both the criminal case and the ethics case against him.

Those rulings are very different. One decision was made Thursday against the county, and the one made Friday morning is in favor of the county.

Former Leon County Commissioner Rudy Maloy's problems started in 2001 when he was accused of sexual harassment by a county employee. Maloy had to fight for his "not guilty" verdicts in both criminal and ethics court and got them.

Tony Grippa, Leon County Commissioner, says, "Clearly, Rudy Maloy should be responsible for his legal fees."

But Maloy's lawyers disagree, saying the county should pay the legal fees since Maloy was a county commissioner at the time he was accused and acquitted.

In the case of Attorney Stephen Dobson, Judge Michael Miller agreed and has ordered the county to pay Dobson more than $200,000 in legal fees.

Dobson's lawyer says, "I'm very pleased for my client. He waited a long time to be paid. I hope the County Commission and I can get this done. It's gone on too long."

But it's not all bad news for the county.

Ed Depuy, Leon County Commissioner, says, “Every now and then the citizens of Leon County prevail and win something."

The same judge made another ruling, this time for the county and against Maloy's lawyer in his ethics case.

Bruce Minnick was seeking about $175,000 in legal fees.

Ed Depuy says, "Let's count our victory on one side and cover our rear ends on the other side and move on."

County commissioners say that Maloy wasn't acting in his formal capacity as a commissioner and that's why the county should not be responsible for his legal fees in the ethics case.

Maloy has called us back and says he hasn't seen the case summaries, and can't comment yet.

Some commissioners say there is a very real possibility these rulings could be appealed, while others say they want to wait and see what the county attorney recommends.

Attorney Minnick did not return our phone calls about the ruling against him.