Boat Owners Concerned About Approaching Hurricane

The Sheriff's Office is asking boaters to bring their boats in now and not add to the congestion of a possible evacuation.

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon out at Saint Marks, boat owners doing one of two things: either protecting their investments or taking one last trip out on the water.

Frank Bailey, a boat builder, said, “I saw a lot of people on trailer boats today going out fishing, a lot of people, really surprising. I would have expected people coming out, but a few left out this morning to get a last day in."

Many boat owners spent the day either moving their boats inland or tying them down in the water with extra rope, hoping to keep them afloat during the wind and rain of Hurricane Dennis.

Langdon Flowers, a boat owner, said, "We hope we can leave it in the slip. It depends on which side it goes on as to whether it brings a lot of water in or takes a lot of water out of the river."

Mike Johnson, another boat owner, added, "I'm adding two to four more lines. What I have is adequate for normal situations, but if we get a really big storm surge, I want to make sure my boat doesn't end up where we are standing right now."

Johnson says if you are a boat owner it's wise to at least check on your boat and remove any canvas, since it acts as a sail and could suffer wind damage.