Last Minute Preps

The bans of heavy rain have begun to hit the Big Bend area. Although the eye of Hurricane Dennis probably won't hit this area, people are still getting ready for stormy weather.

Lots of people were at the stores, buying supplies just in case they are shut in for the next couple of days.

This is the kind of weather we can expect for the next day or so, the kind of weather that can knock out the electricity.

"Power lines are mixed up in trees. When high winds come the first thing that goes is your power," said Craig Rodes, a resident preparing for the hurricane.

So folks around the Big Bend area are stocking up on the items they'll need in those altered conditions.

"I purchased some batteries, a couple of candles, some soft drinks, some snacks for the kids. I really got extra batteries to make sure their toys can work, you know, in case the lights go out," said Karen Colston.

Since most everybody had the same concerns, stores had to re-up their supply of hurricane products.

"We had hurricane trailer that came in, we have plenty of flashlights water, even though that stuff is selling we certainly have it to now accommodate our guests and take care of our guest probably through business day tomorrow," said Target manager, Lisa Lewis.

Target's manager says other popular items are baby food, diapers and non-perishable foods. The manager also said that they've been selling lots of air mattresses, pillows and board games, probably because people around here have guests from the west side of the Panhandle staying overnight.