Book Signing

A former Georgia state legislator and local columnist shares his stories about life in the south and the outdoors.

Theo Titus III has written columns about the outdoors and local history. His stories have now been published into a book that gives a glimpse of rich history and a different time.

Jerry Turner provided the book cover photo and said, "The stories that Theo tells are just totally captivating stories and I'm so happy that his daughter and family were able to put them into a book."

Rosalyn Herndon attended the book signing and said, "I respect Theo and the life that he's lived before us and I can't wait to see what he has to say in his book."

"An Outdoor Heritage: Stories From a South Georgia Life" has 91 stories that were chosen by the editor, Titus' granddaughter Tamara Titus. The stories are pieces from his column over the years.

Tamara Titus says through this experience, she was able to get to know her grandfather and his life.

"The amazing thing was to find out how many family stories there are that have made it into print that members of our family were not aware of," Titus added.

For Theo Titus III, the book holds dear memories.

"It's fun doing it because I can go back into some odd years of experiences of myself and other people and there's always a subject to come up with, and I just enjoy doing it," said Titus III.

Titus' granddaughter says these stories about history and life are the threads that keep us connected, and she's happy they're able to pass them down.

"An Outdoor Heritage: Stories From a South Georgia Life" is available in local stores.