FSU Mascot Controversy

The controversy over the Florida State University mascot, the Seminole, has people talking about the issue. Even in the home city of the Florida State Seminoles there are differing opinions.

This week Florida State University President T.K. Wetherell appealed the NCAA's decision to list FSU's mascot as abusive or hostile.

Wetherell has stated that FSU will take the matter to court if necessary. In the court of public opinion, many folks in Tallahassee agree with Wetherell.

"It's tradition and it's been there for a long time, so I think they should keep it like it is ‘cause that's what we're used to seeing," Takesha Smith, a Tallahassee resident, said.

David Gaskins, another Tallahassee resident, added, "I'm indian myself and I think if the indians, you know, if it was a hostile mascot, I don't think the Seminole reservation would endorse it."

Even people without ties to the university agree. John Cheatham is from southern California and is vacationing in Florida with his family.

"If a school and an indian tribe is so closely identified with the school and takes such pride in it and everybody has the pride and treats it with dignity, that's earned and it's due, then I don't think anybody should have a problem with that," shared Cheatham.

But there are some who disagree, like Tallahassee resident Eric Lynch.

"It's a complete mockery of the traditional culture. They don't seek to be in touch with the culture at all," said Lynch.

The majority of folks in Tallahassee we talked to say the Seminole mascot is not offensive, but that opinion wasn't unanimous.

Florida State President Wetherell asked the NCAA to respond to the appeal by August 29, the opening day of fall classes.