Shell Point Flooding

One again the Big Bend area is fortunate to miss a direct hit from a hurricane, but Dennis did cause severe weather in our area. Many coastal and low-lying lands did suffer from the continuous rainfall dropped by Dennis.

Tom Clore, the St. Marks fire chief, said, "We've got the road closed due to all this water here. Barricades up there at 98 and 363 trying to keep non St. Marks residents out. Those that have boats and live here can come in here because it's only a volunteer evacuation, not a mandatory."

Many roads at Shell Point and St. Marks are closed because of the rising waters. Also threatening many homes is the Wakulla River.

Red Cross shelters are filling up fast. Crawfordville Elementary had at least 90 occupants at last count and were expecting more.

For many of these evacuees, having to leave their home is becoming all too familiar.

Carol Finuff, an evacuee, added, "We live in Altha, Florida, but we couldn't stay there because they're evacuating all the mobile homes, so we stayed at the campgrounds and got evacuated from there, so now we're here."

Many people staying in the shelter were just happy to have a dry place to go. An added bonus: Red Cross supplies power, food and sleeping arrangements.