Hurricane Dennis Aftermath

Dread is giving way to waves of relief for some coastal residents returning to their homes Monday.

Gov. Jeb Bush and other state officials will be visiting areas of the Florida Panhandle Monday that were hit by Hurricane Dennis. One Pensacola resident says he thought residents took more precautions the second time around, but Leslie Pope credits the good fortune to a higher power.

She says she loves to see God make a fool of everybody. Forecasters say Hurricane Dennis spared the storm-weary Florida Panhandle and Alabama coast the widespread destruction caused by Ivan last September.

But an insurance risk modeling company says Dennis has caused billions of dollars in insured damage. What really helped was that Dennis' hurricane force winds stretched only 40 miles from the center, compared to 105 miles for Ivan.

Dennis was the fifth hurricane to strike Florida in less than 11 months, and believe it or not, another tropical depression is brewing in the Atlantic. It is still more than 1,000 miles away, but heading in the general direction of Florida.