Tornado Touches Down

June Moss says she was abruptly awakened around 10:45 p.m. Saturday. She heard the sound of a tornado spun from Hurricane Dennis touch down in her back yard, and boy did it touch down.

“The extreme noise; and it does sound like a train. Only it sounds like it's in your house. I guess actually this one was in my house because it took the roof off,” recalls Moss.

Moss says the tornado came across Peacock Lake and into her yard, sending trees through her roof, glass through her home, and furniture over the house.

She says the damage may not be over.

She's worried about a couple of 60-foot trees left barely standing.

"The roots are about to come up out of the ground, just roll up out of the ground. If this happens, and it will happen with more water I'm sure, they'll hit the garage and not only will I have lost part of my house, I'll loose my garage,” Moss adds.

"It was very helpful for Jacksonville National Weather Service to contact us, let us know and give us a heads up. We had good response,” explains Johnny Wooley of Suwannee County Emergency Management.

The Moss' home has literally become a tree house. They say it could have been much worse, and are grateful it wasn't.

Suwannee County Emergency Management says there were three tornados spotted in the county, two touched down.

There were no injuries reported.