Georgia Flood Victims

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Flood waters forced the Coachman family, including an 85-year-old grandmother, from their Boston home Sunday.

Konice Coachman said, "Every time we have a big rain or heavy rainfall or hurricane, tornado season, we always flood. It's always been a problem, but last night was worse than anything I've seen here in my 41 years."

The Coachman family says flood waters usually only reach their front steps, but they say Sunday night the water inside their home was ankle deep. Boston rescue workers had to evacuate the house.

Yvettia McCaskill, a Boston resident, said, "It was disbelief, the amount of rain that came down, because we knew we could not move or transport ourselves out of this area."

Chuck Weaver, Chief of the Boston Police, said, "We had a lot of street flooding, and just about all of the houses here on Main Street, North Main Street were affected."

Chief Weaver says the city will do its best to clear drains and ditches in the neighborhood.

Residents say they hope that happens before another storm comes their way.

Thomas County officials say Boston and eastern areas of the county received the worst damage from Dennis.