Christians for Peace

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Westminster Oaks was host to a leader in the Christian Peacemaker Team, a group that is determined to take a different approach to achieve peace.

Cliff Kindy says, "The Christian Peacemaker Team takes their peacemaking as seriously as warriors take their war-making, recognizing it will be costly, dangerous and high risk."

Kindy says that insurgency and attacks against our troops have been on the rise in Iraq after the war, and the situation does not appear to be getting better.

Kindy adds, "The resistance and insurgency, I would distinguish between those two groups, are growing stronger."

He says that Iraqi security won't be able to replace U.S. troops since they are not properly trained. He has seen the destruction and feels there is a better way to handle the situation.

Kindy says, "We can deal with conflict in ways that doesn't stack bodies beside the road."

Oil and gas prices have also been on the rise recently, and according to Kindy, avoiding the war in Iraq may have prevented such a problem.

Kindy says, "I suspect the price of oil would be a lot less if we hadn't invaded Iraq in the first place."

He feels that Americans will have to stop building large homes and change their lifestyles as a result of the war and the increasing oil prices. Whether or not you agree with Kindy, the debate on Iraq will continue.

Kindy will present more about his experiences in Iraq and the Middle East at the Leon County Library Tuesday night at 7 p.m.