Red Cross Responds to Residents' Post-Dennis Needs

The teams trooped through mud and debris and their notes are critical to getting disaster aid where it needs to go.

Lee Ackermann's home in St. Marks is a soggy mess. She's rented it for about a year, but with a high water mark and no insurance, she's counting on some help.

Lee says, "... How to get somewhere to live and replace what I've lost. Pretty much disaster relief is all we're going to get."

Ackermann didn't wait for Red Cross disaster assessment teams to find her. She tracked them down outside a local store.

Faye Simmons of the Disaster Assessment Team says, "We're trying to get an assessment of how much damage of the water level, what was damaged, get some pictures. We will take it back to them for them to reassess after we do this and there could be some monetary help coming."

These damage assessment teams, about a dozen of them in Wakulla and Franklin Counties, will forward their notes and Polaroid pictures to county, state and federal agencies in hopes of helping Dennis' many waterlogged victims.

The feds have already pledged to help Florida counties pay for debris removal and emergency response costs.

If damage tallies are high enough, residents and businesses in Franklin and Wakulla Counties may be eligible for federal disaster relief funds.