Happy Birthday, Social Security

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It's not your typical birthday party filled with gift giving and games, but there is a cake and a call for celebration.

Turning 70 years old is quite the accomplishment, especially when it comes to your Social Security!

Patricia Fillet, UF Professor of Law, says, “This is a great program. It has a bright future and there's a lot to celebrate.”

But the program more than three million Floridians have come to depend on is at the center of controversy that's sparking debate in Washington.

U.S. Rep. Jim Davis, (D) Florida, says, “I think people exaggerate the challenges facing Social Security, need to discuss small moderate changes that will keep it for the future.”

That's exactly what the congressman is doing with his constituents this month, and his message is catching on.

“It's a significant part of my retirement and I'm seriously dependent on it.”

Barbara Devane of the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans says, “My mother's Social Security check isn't big, but it's all she's got.”

That's why these seniors are saying no to privatization and yes to protect, preserve and pass on Social Security. Tallahassee was the ninth stop for Congressman Davis this month as he celebrates Social Security's 70th birthday.