A Foreign Affair

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Grady County Sheriff Harry Young says investigating crimes committed by illegal immigrants is extremely difficult.

Case in point: the continuing search for this summer's "fork and knife killer," Arnulfo Gomez.

Sheriff Young says, "They intercepted three different people over a certain amount of time and we called all and gave them the information that what we had. He had different documentation, and went right through the border without even being caught."

Grady County INV Ruben Beltran is the office's translator in cases involving illegal immigrants.

Ruben says, "You may have record of the suspect under a certain name, but that doesn't mean that that's his name. His legitimate name, because a lot of the time what happens, they pick up a fake name, a fictitious name in order to come over here and work."

Though they are illegal immigrants, many here in Grady County say their role as migrant workers is important to the local agricultural industry, but Grady County's sheriff says it'll be a way to have them all properly identified.

Sheriff Young says, "It's impossible without having something set up that we can get some proper ID for these people. It's hard for law enforcement to work the cases to get the proper and do the job the way it's supposed to be done."

Sheriff Young says he supports any action taken by state lawmakers to reduce the number of undocumented immigrants, and he says he hopes it happens soon.