Angelo's and Sons Restaurant Destroyed by Hurricane

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The owners of a popular Wakulla County restaurant hoped it would survive the storm, but Hurricane Dennis won the battle.

The waves and winds of Hurricane Dennis battered Angelo's and Sons restaurant from every angle.

The owners, the Petrandis family, did everything they could, tying down nearby docks, but it wouldn't be enough. They watched the destruction from a nearby condo.

Arline Petrandis says, “It was scary. It was horrifying. There was so much devastation. It was numbing. You couldn't get real excited. All you could do is grieve.”

The restaurant was built in 1945 by George Petrandis from salvaged lumber and nails, a sad coincidence Monday as they tried to salvage what they could.

Arline Petrandis says the building will have to come down.

“Our brother in law has been here with us. Our nieces and cousins are here, so it’s a really positive thing.”

Former employees were also there to help.

Cathy Oaks, a former employee, says, “We literally have taken it board by board to get out some of the things, anything we could.”

One part that did withstand the waves and winds is the heart of the building that George Petrandis originally constructed 60 years ago.

The family says they'll begin the rebuilding process as soon as possible. There’s no exact timeline, but they say maybe one and a half or two years.