School Uniforms in Gadsden County

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The first day of school in Gadsden County means brighter colors in the halls and classrooms.

The School Board implemented a uniform policy. Students of all ages are excited about the new dress code.

There was a sea of red and white at George Munroe Elementary as students donned their uniforms the first day of school. For some, the new policy means not having to waste time trying to wear the latest fashion fads, but for the others it means enjoying the school year without being ridiculed by their peers.

Jamie Ainsworth, a fifth grade student, said, "I like this because nobody's going to be picking on me and I know what I'm going to wear, so it's not hard to pick out clothes.”

Travon Neal, also a student, added, "We're not going to be mean to each other and picking out what kids are wearing."

And so far, participation at all the schools is at an all-time high.

Superintendent Reginald James says, "I'm ecstatic about it, it seems about 95 percent of students are in school uniforms; that's more than we can imagine our first day, so we're really pleased about it."

School officials are hoping the new uniform policy will make it easier for students to focus on academics rather than the latest clothing styles.

Principal Bonnie Blitch says, "We have high expectations this year and this will be one thing that will help us do that."

The superintendent says thanks to parental participation, the academic year looks promising.

Several faith based organizations donated uniforms to low-income families. Students who do not have uniforms can call the Gadsden County School Board for more information.