Tree Crashes Into Home

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Gadsden County officials say 20,000 residents were without power during Hurricane Dennis, and quite a few trees fell on homes in the area. There was also a real close call for one woman when one of those trees came crashing down.

Debra Smith says after seeing the tree pierce through her bedroom just a few inches from her body, she ran outside. To her astonishment, Smith discovered a large pecan tree uprooted and laying directly on her house.

Smith believes she's alive because of divine intervention.

Debra says, "I thank God I was able to get out of there and the tree not come down on me and hurt me and put me in the hospital, and I thank God I'm alive and I'm okay."

Hurricane Dennis left its mark in Gadsden County. Large trees were uprooted and toppled on homes like twigs falling from the sky.

The house on B. W. Roberts Street did not sustain major damages, but owners say their car took the brunt of the impact from the fallen tree.

Now neighbors are extending their assistance.

Bob Smith says, "When you live in a neighborhood and you have good neighbors and they come on to something like this, it's always good to lend a helping hand."

Several trees fell on electric lines forcing electricians to work feverishly to reconnect power to homes. Gadsden County emergency personnel credits the city and county for their hard work in removing trees and clearing up debris in a timely manner.