Leon County Successfully Opens 2005-2006 School Year

It was back to school Monday for pupils in Leon and Gadsden Counties. That means new bus routes, new schedules, new lockers and more.

In Leon County, the superintendent is giving the first day of school an A minus. He says it was not an A plus because there were some problems, but administrators say they were the kind that were expected, but ones they hoped wouldn't happen, like buses being late.

Teachers and students alike hope Monday sets the pace for the rest of the year. In the early Monday morning hours kids were waiting to catch the bus to school, and this year the students are ready.

Bud Baker, a student at Leon High School, said, "First day of school is always a rush. You see new people. It's just exciting. I'm ready to start the new year."

It's not just the students who are ready to hit the ground running.

Karen Watson, a teacher at Leon High, said, "Everyone's excited to be here."

Rocky Hanna, Principal of Leon High said, "This is payday. We've all worked hard for the kids’ arrival today."

The superintendent of Leon County schools says there are some goals this year like a strong focus on academic programs along with a reinforcement of safety programs for students on campus.

Rocky Hanna said, "I'm excited, the administration is excited, the kids are excited. We're looking forward to great things this year."

But this first day of school wasn't so easy for some parents, especially those dropping off their kindergartners.

Lisa Schefield, a mother, said, "She wanted me to stay with her; it was kind of sad but she did ok.”

We're told this year there will also be an emphasis on something called career education for students not planning to attend college. Career education will help give them better skills as they enter the workforce.

The Sheriff's Office says there were five first day of school related accidents Monday morning, and LCSO is asking everyone to remember school is now in session, so drive accordingly.