Lafayette County School Bus Drivers Are Simply the Best

For some school districts in our area, Monday began the second week of classes. For those folks, the bus ride to and from school is one less worry for parents.

With the last name "Driver," it's only natural for Charlene to be one of Florida's top school bus drivers. Charlene is one of Lafayette County's bus drivers who passed a new mandated school bus requirement. They are the only drivers in the state to pass on the first try.

Charlene says, "Safety is the number one thing with our bus driving. I think that it's great we passed it out of the whole state of Florida."

Under congressional law, all school bus drivers are now required to add the s-endorsement to their regular passenger commercial driver license.

Drivers are tested on knowledge and skill.

Derek Hembree, Principal of Lafayette High School, says, "It's a good thing that the requirement is there for bus drivers to continually train and be evaluated so that we are putting the absolute best drivers possible in control."

Ray Stewart Hancock, Assistant Principal of Lafayette High, says, "It's something that I think is very important for them. It's something they're proud of and something our community is very proud of also."

Don Baker, a bus driver of 20 years, says, "We're just proud of the job we do every day in getting the kids to school safely. We're the first people they see before they get to school."

There are 22 full-time and substitute drivers in Lafayette County.