"Busy Season" for DUI Offenses

Local law enforcement has a stern warning when it comes to the parties.

In the next few weeks Tallahassee's college students will head back to class, but SGT Chris Chase with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says that doesn't mean the party hasn't already started. A weekend incident is an example.

"The individual consumed enough alcohol, had passed out, and by leaning his head forward they cut off the windpipe. They had to call an ambulance code three," says Chase.

Chase says that person is doing fine now, but will probably face a DUI charge. He adds it's just the start to what local law enforcement call a "busy season" for drunk driving crashes, so patrol officers and deputies are getting tough.

LT David Folsom of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "We're not looking for drunk drivers necessarily; we're looking for people that are impaired, which is a lot lower threshold."

It's not just college students they're after, it's anyone who makes the decision to drink before getting behind the wheel.

SGT Chase says, "That little step you make to get home safely might mean the difference between an arrest, getting kicked out of school or even death."

Additional patrol officers have been put on duty to monitor the streets, and you can expect a lot more DUI checkpoints in the near future.