Mr. Food: Lobsters... Good!

I have to admit it, I love lobster, yup, whole American lobsters that are found in cool waters from Canada right on down to North Carolina, but no matter which of our coastal states they live off, they're most commonly known as Maine lobsters, and I'm not alone in loving the taste and the fun of eating them.

Obviously I'm not alone, because throughout the summer there are lots of festivals throughout the coastal Northeast that celebrate this crustacean, and here at the Maine Lobster Festival, crowds turn out in droves to sample the succulent sweet meat of the lobster, eaten by simply dunking it in melted butter, and whether it's steamed, broiled or baked, they sure know how to serve it up here!

But we don't have to wait for a summer lobster festival to roll around, because lobster is available year ’round right at our markets, and we can enjoy it in lots of ways at home because it's so easy to prepare! Look, here's one I just steamed for just seven minutes and, mmm! Or, if we prefer, we can buy it already cooked in a lot of our markets, so it's even easier to add that same fresh taste to so many of our recipes, like this fish fillet that's been stuffed with chunked up lobster or salad that's been topped with it.

We can toss it with our pasta. Plus, if we buy our lobster fresh and steam it, we have the added bonus of turning that flavorful broth into some pretty incredible soups, chowders and sauces! So in summer, and all year ’round, take a crack at lobster because lobsters…they're an easy step up for every meal. And believe me…"OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"