Turmoil in the Soil

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Field after field along Highway 84 in eastern Thomas County are under water. Crops and hopes of a good planting season may be washing away.

Joshua Herring says the torrential rains from the storm's feeder bands wiped out nearly all of his family's watermelon crop.

Joshua says, "As for melons, it's pretty much put us out with that, it's pretty much devastating."

When a watermelon becomes ripe and is exposed to water, the melon will actually act like a sponge, soak up too much water and bust, and become unshippable.

Josh adds, "Financially, it's pretty devastating to us. When you work for four months on a crop and you have these kinds of rain come in, then you just kinda write that crop off, pick another one, and go ahead."

The Herrings say it's still too early for them to place an exact dollar amount on the losses from Hurricane Dennis, but no matter the amount, it's an unfortunate story that's playing out around many local farms.

The Herrings say that along with melons, other produce crops such as corn are most affected by the recent heavy rains.