Wakulla County Storm Cleanup

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It seems there's no end to the cleanup effort in Wakulla County.

There is still a lot of damage, most of it caused by the storm surges that the residents say were higher than they had prepared for. Now, all they can do is salvage what they can.

Skeletons are all that remain of several homes along Shell Point Beach washed out by the surges and waves of Dennis, and for those who still have a home, cleanup is underway. In most cases, it was a total cleanout.

Chip Beal, a Shell Point summer resident, says, "It never occurred to me to move out all of my furniture, but most of it was moved out when I got here. The water carried it out and it's probably somewhere in that canal right now."

Beal and many of his neighbors weren't expecting the storm surge to be as high as it was. Looking around now, he says he's angry when he hears reports about a "near miss."

Chip says, "I'm sure that's true for most of the state, and I'm thankful for that, but it's certainly not true for this area."

The Nichols say the storm surge came in so fast they barely made it out in time.

Kathy Nichols says, "By the time we got to the corner, the water was half way up the door."

And when they came back, the boat and trailer they had tied down were gone. They still can't believe where their boat ended up.

Kathy says, "Somehow it managed to get out of there, go across the canal and ended up in our neighbor’s backyard, and there's just one tree bent over."

The Nichols still aren't sure how they're going to get their boat back, but like their neighbors, they say they will repair and rebuild. Dennis is not scaring them away from the coasts of Wakulla County.

Emergency Management officials say everyone who can have their power restored should have it already or will by Tuesday tonight. There are still many homes that are in no condition to have power restored.