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She may only be in second grade, but Emily Kornegay knows the importance of having an Ident-A-Kid photo ID card.

Emily Kornegay, a student at Garrison Pilcher Elementary, says, "Because if your parents lose you, then they can give someone a card and say "look for this child."

The ID cards will have a child's photo, weight, contact information and fingerprint. Garrison Pilcher faculty say the badges will help protect students in and out of the classroom, protection that appears to become more and more important everyday.

Bill Levinsohn with the Ident-A-Kid Program says, "In this day and age with everything that's happened since September 11th, parents are now being asked for picture IDs on children even when they travel."

The identification cards will be ready in about two weeks, giving parents that all important piece of mind.

Lisa Moore, a teacher at Garrison Pilcher Elementary, says, "This is a service that Garrison Pilcher offers our parents and students every year, and it's just, Ident-A-Kid is a program where we can have a card available in case there's an emergency with their child."

The ID cards only cost parents $6, a relatively small price to protect a parent's most prized possession.

The Ident-A-Kid caravan will also be stopping at Thomas County's Hand-in-Hand Primary School and Cross Creek Elementary in the coming days.