Airline Sale

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Joe Gore and his wife have been flying out of the Valdosta airport for the last 30 years. Unfortunately, that's now changed.

Joe says, "We flew out Jacksonville because tickets for my wife and I were $400 cheaper, so we would like to see lower fares here and even more flights if possible."

That's exactly why airport officials are heading to Atlanta this week to meet with executives from Atlantic Southeast Airlines. They say declining passenger numbers aren't kind to an airport's future.

Bob Holliway, Valdosta Regional Airport Director, says, "If everyone starts going to Jacksonville and flies out of there, the commercial service will eventually go away here and we won't have commercial service, and so we have to be more competitive."

Airport officials say it's the high price of tickets combined with a reduced schedule that have passengers looking to other cities for flight service. That's why this airport's number one priority is keeping these seats filled with happy and satisfied customers.

Holliway adds, "They're dropping the later flight at night so the last flight coming in here will be approximately 7:45 at night and doesn't allow business travelers to conduct a day's worth of work."

Airport leaders say the sale of ASA to Skywest Inc. will be transparent to the traveler since Skywest is still a Delta partner.