Program for Deployed Soldiers Helps Their Families Financially

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It's happened before and it could happen again. LT COL Mike Thornal may be called up to serve his country, possibly somewhere in the U.S. or maybe overseas, but no matter where he goes, he definitely won't be close to home.

He says being away from his family can take its toll on many levels, including financially.

"It's a benefit, because with incidental expenses that come up, it helps to cover that. It's been a benefit for me and my family."

The lieutenant colonel is talking about the Leon County financial program benefiting deployed members of the military.

Larry Davis with Leon County Veteran Affairs says, "The military personnel grant is a program developed by the Leon County Board of Commissioners. It pays for two aspects of deployed service people."

The program could assist soldiers with their certain property taxes.

Mike Thornal says, "To me, it's a great way for the county to show its support as well as the state of Florida."

The county says this program is so successful it's now getting phone calls from all over the country, other communities looking to create similar programs for their service men and women.

Larry Davis says, "It really helps them pay the bills when they're gone. It's a wonderful program."

Other soldiers say this program makes it easier on them and their families, knowing someone is offering help and appreciation.

Thornal says the program works like a rebate, and that soldiers still have to pay their taxes. The rebate is based on how much time the soldier is deployed.