Unlocked, Unlucky

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Most cars are not just used for transportation, but for storage of important and sometimes expensive goods. That's why some drivers make sure they always keep their vehicle locked up.

"I'm mindful, I lock my doors and now it's just kind of a habit."

But Valdosta police say too many drivers are leaving their automobile unlocked only to return to a vehicle that's been burglarized, or even stolen in some cases.

Vernotis Williams of the Valdosta Police Department says, "Lock all your doors, keep your windows rolled up, if there is a broken window, get it fixed as soon as possible. If you have to leave an item in your car, leave it in an area where its not visible."

Drivers say they've seen firsthand what happens when people leave cars open and criminals have easy access. Drivers say that's why they're going to make sure their cars are locked before they head out.

Dana Taylor says, "It just takes one second for someone to notice something like an open door and just go right into your car and get whatever they want, so I always shut my doors and lock them."

Police say if more drivers did that there would be fewer cars broken into or stolen, all because the driver took a few seconds to lock all the doors.

Police estimate a large percentage of stolen car cases occur because the driver failed to lock the doors.