Georgia Drivers License Changes

The DMV is known for its long lines, something most drivers dread. Now, the state of Georgia has adopted a new law and is making changes in the driver's license program in hopes that renewing a license is more convenient for all drivers.

Lane Bush, a Georgia driver, says, "It's gonna be nice not having to come to stay in this line every couple of years."

The new program will let Georgia drivers buy a five-year license for $20 or a 10 year license for $35. The eye exam has also been eliminated except for first time drivers and those who are 64 years or older.

Eddie Williams, a Georgia driver, adds, "I think old people should check up on their eyesight because more car crashes kill when old people are driving."

Lane adds, "I'm thinking it's important having to see to drive. I'm not sure what the rationale behind the eye exam is. I hope everybody on the road has good vision."

The new law dismantles the Department of Motor Vehicles, shifting over 1,400 jobs to other agencies and creating a separate department solely for driver's license services.

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue says the change will give drivers faster service.

Florida is also taking measures to make renewing licenses more convenient by offering online scheduling for appointments.