169 Marijuana Plants, LSD Found in Drug Bust: Three Arrested

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Lowndes County - September 20, 2012

Three people are under arrest in Lowndes County, accused of turning their home into a money-making marijuana business.

The tip that there was a grow house initially came from the Lanier County Sheriff's Office. After nine days of investigating, the Special Operations Division of the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office took down the marijuana ring.

Special Operations Division, Lowndes County Sheriff's Office: "It's a higher quality marijuana. Typically we would have associated this as coming from the Atlanta area."

But it's not from Atlanta. It was from this house at 5809 Live Oak Drive in Lowndes County. Roughly 18 pounds of dried marijuana worth about $12 grand... and 169 plants valued at nearly $170 thousand were taken from the home Wednesday afternoon.

Chris Prine, Lowndes County Sheriff: "This thing's been going on for probably a year and a half before we got the tip. And this is the third good grow house that we've been able to hit in the last year."

Jacob Musgrove, Johann Murillo and Victoria Griffis were all arrested on the scene and taken to the Lowndes County Jail. Authorities also found what is believed to be LSD in the home. Investigators are still trying to determine whether it was for sale or personal use. But the marijuana was definitely a moneymaker for the three people involved.

Special Operations Division: "The master bedroom of the home was a grow room subdivided into several other rooms. The second story of the house was turned into a grow room."

Officer Prine: "They were there to manufacture marijuana for sale. And any time we can get the drugs off the street is a good thing."

All three individuals were charged with manufacturing marijuana. Additional trafficking charges are expected. At last check, they were still being held at the Lowndes County Jail.


September 20, 2012

According to Sheriff Chris Prine, investigators with the Special Operations Division of the Sheriff’s Office have recently been conducting an investigation that led to the execution of a search warrant at 5809 Live Oak Drive, Naylor. During the execution of the warrant investigators seized 169 marijuana plants with a street value of approximately $169,000, an estimated 15 pounds of marijuana product, and an abundance of equipment used to manufacture, harvest, and distribute marijuana.

A quantity of suspected LSD was also located in the residence. The persons at the residence, Johann Murillo, Victoria Griffis and Jacob Musgrove were all arrested and transported to the Lowndes County Jail.
The arrested persons will appear for an arraignment hearing this afternoon in the Lowndes County Magistrate Court. A bond will be considered at that time.
Sheriff Prine expressed his appreciation to Sheriff Nick Norton and the Lanier County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in this investigation.

ID data: Musgrove, Jacob Lane
21 years old
Baytree Road – Valdosta
Charges: Manufacturing marijuana - felony
Possession of the tools for the commission of a crime – felony
Murillo, Johann
31 years old
Live Oak Drive – Naylor
Charges: Manufacturing marijuana - felony
Possession of the tools for the commission of a crime – felony
Griffis, Victoria Laurelle
24 years old
Popular Street – Valdosta
Charges: Manufacturing marijuana - felony
Possession of the tools for the commission of a crime – felony
Additional charges may be filed after laboratory testing is complete and additional investigation.

Sheriff Prine is urging citizens with information pertaining to this case, or any other, to contact his office at {229} 671-2950. Anonymous tips can be provided to the Sheriff’s Office at {229} 671-2985 or on-line at www.lowndessheriff.com.

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