High End Hospital Food

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Hospital food can get a bad rap, but South Georgia Medical Center is doing their part to break the stereotype. They've received high marks when it comes to food satisfaction. Four consecutive times now they've been awarded for the high-quality food they serve up on a daily basis.

Margie Clements, Director of Surgical Services, says, "I eat here because the food is always great. They always have different varieties. If you're a diabetic, watching your fats, they have great choices."

Some employees enjoy the cafeteria food so much they bring their families in even when they're not working, showing pride in their hospital. Management has brought a certified chef on board to help guarantee the food is always appetizing.

Gary Harrell, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, says, "We prepare close to 575,000 meals per year and they include patients, visitors, employees and that also includes catering functions within the hospital."

With all those meals to prepare, the importance of high-quality hospital food could easily be overlooked.

Gaier says, “While serving food that tastes good is important, nutritionists say it also important to help in a speedy recovery."

Sarah Jackson, Clinical Nutrition Manager, says, "Food, just like medicine, is a part of the treatment for the patient. If a patient does not eat well their length of stay may be increased."

Hospital employees say they want to make patient's stay as comfortable as possible, helping to ease their time there.

Hospital officials say they compile data from Satis-Quest, a survey completed by discharged patients.