Veterans' Memorial Park

As Barney Cobb draws a white line in the sand, he's reminded of his life being on the line in the Korean War. He says that's why he's honored to help build Perry's new Veterans' Memorial Park.

Barney says, "It means that this is a place that represents all the time that the veterans have spent serving this country and keeping us with a freedom that we have now."

The park will feature monuments to both World Wars, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and the War on Terror. The planning stages began about three years ago, and now volunteers and some city and county officials are working in the summer heat to make sure the park becomes a reality.

Emily Ketring, Mayor of the City of Perry, says, "Mostly it's been veterans that really believe in it. A group came up with the idea and came to the city and the county and got funds allocated and been raising funds privately also, and putting the project together."

Another feature of the park is a wall with the names of people from Taylor County who were killed in action, and a wall with the names of vets who live or have lived here.

"It's something that our children will remember and be able to look on and say, 'my father helped save this country.'"

The memorial park is expected to be completed by November 11, which is Veterans Day.