Gretna Boil Water Notice

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Folks living along Earnest Barkley Street in Gretna awoke to a foul odor Wednesday morning, the smell of a broken sewage line finally being repaired.

Elizabeth Long says, "The water wasn't moving down the line. If it's not moving it would stop and back up. We've had it back up into our carports. We have two outlets here and even the tissue and stuff would come up under our carport.”

Elizabeth Long says about three years ago she began using bottled water, citing health concerns.

Resident Patricia Faison, who lives across the street, says this sewage saga has been going on for years and she finally has had enough.

Patricia Faison says, "I came out and saw that the waste was in my yard. It made me sick, so I called the mayor and told her and she got in touch with the guys working.”

Gretna interim city manager Dianne Formman says more repairs are on the way, pending funds received from the state.

Dianne says, "I've been with the city a while, so I'm familiar with the fact that we have some sewage issues, but the Legislature has appropriated $100,000 for us to do some maintenance to the lines.”

Formman says water samples are being taken to determine if the water is safe for use. She says for now the boil water ordinance remains in affect until further notice.

Formman says for those residents affected under the ordinance, bottled water supplied by the Red Cross will be available at the Gretna Police Station.