Medication Procedures Changing for Leon County Students

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Kelley Giugliano cares for dozens of students at Canopy Oaks Elementary, wrapping wounds, taking temperatures and doling out medications, yet this school year brought sweeping changes to the way medications are handed out during school hours, including over the counter medications.

Bill Montford, Superintendent of Leon County schools, says, "Even over the counter medications need a doctor’s note if they are going to be taking for more than five days."

Policing this policy will require parental help to ensure students aren't carrying any type of medication in their purse or bags, which means mom or dad must drop off the prescription and over-the-counter medicines to school.

Montford says, "This will require high level of patience from our parents."

Yet there are exceptions to the rule. Students can sign a "student carries medicine" permission form to carry certain medications like asthma inhalers, epipens and insulin just to name a few.

School leaders hope in the end the changes will protect students. Medications must also be brought to school in the original container and be properly labeled.