Fishermen Struggle to Keep Gas Tanks Full

AAA says gas is at an all time high, the rising cost is fueling anger among commercial fishermen as well.

$2.63 cents a gallon is a shocking price if you ask many motorists.

Ron Christen says, “I can remember the gas wars of the ‘60s it was 25 cents a gallon.”

We've come a long way since then, but it was only last year when AAA reported unleaded gas at $1.86 cents per gallon. That's 70 cents less than today's national average, but perhaps the fuel hikes can be felt most along the coast.

Norman Barwick, a commercial fisherman, says, “Never seen gas prices this high! I use 40 gallons per day.”

That's why the crabber of 44 years is pulling out his boat to switch the motor. He's trying anything to save a buck.

Norman says, "I'm going half the horse-power to try and keep gas down."

While the price at the pump is affecting the commercial industry, those who fish for fun don't seem to be skipping a beat.

Recreational fishermen still take to the water revving their big rigs with more than 200 gallons of fuel. AAA says the price of fuel is expected to drop come fall and it should be significantly lower before the holidays.