Tallahassee's Fifth Murder of 2005

This is the fifth murder this year, and detectives are still trying to find out who killed Mylon Lowe and why.

A crew of crime scene technicians and homicide investigators climbed the stairs to Mylon Lowe's apartment scouring for more clues now that an autopsy reveals the 24-year-old was shot and killed.

Alex Aman, who lives downstairs, says, "He was real polite all the time, always smiling, kind of a crazy feeling because someone died upstairs, you know, murdered or killed."

Police were called to the scene in Oak Hammock Tuesday night around 6:30. Lowe's family had gone to check on him after he failed to show up for work and wound up discovering his body.

Police say he'd been dead for less than 24 hours and they're still working to answer the questions of who fired the fatal shot and why.

OFC John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "We don't know anything about the motive at this point right now, that's what investigators are working very hard at right now, turning in many hours trying to get this thing solved."

We tried to find out if there are any signs of forced entry or a struggle in that apartment. Police aren't saying just yet. If you have any information about Mylon Lowe's death, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 891-HELP.