St. George Island Bridge Opens for First Time Since Dennis

We continue to be surprised at the extent of the damage we see as we visit different towns along our stretch of sand.

Wednesday the St. George Island bridge opened for the first time since the storm, and only residents are being allowed to cross.

It was one of disbelief. How a storm that struck nearly 200 miles away could serve such a devastating blow. One thing's for sure, St. George Island didn't dodge Dennis.

The storm surge ravaged the state park taking out 80 percent of its primary dunes, boardwalks and beach front bathrooms.

Kevin Jones, St. George Island State Park Manager, said, "Lot worse than I expected. Tidal surge was more than I expected."

All along St. George Island, residents rummage through the ruins of their ocean oasis, still in shock that the tidal waves could wash away roads and bury homes.

Kent Fisher, a St. George Island resident, says, "I'm homeless for now, at least for a week or two . I've got to shopvac out my house."

Now, the process of picking up where mother nature left off begins, but residents are hopeful that there is such a thing as life after Dennis. St. George Island is still closed off. Property owners are the only ones being allowed on the island, and residents need to continue to boil their water.

Park officials say since they did lose 80 percent of their primary dunes and 20 percent of their secondary dunes along with parking lots. It will be some time before the park is ready to reopen.

Officials we spoke to have no idea when the island will reopen either.