Peace Rally at Florida Capitol

The mother of a fallen soldier is holding vigil at President Bush's Texas ranch.

While protests like this may be offensive to some soldiers' families, dozens line the street in front of the old Florida capitol protesting the war in Iraq.

One man, still in active duty, does not want his name known, only his message.

"Just here to support all my friends that are over there right now and try to bring the troops home."

Wednesday's demonstration is one of more than 1,000 across the nation. The vigils were organized to support Cindy Sheehan, the woman who's been posted near President Bush's Texas ranch for days protesting the war.

Cindy Sheehan's son died in Iraq. These protestors say they're here in memory of her loss and to support ALL children involved in the Iraqi War.

"I'm here to support Cindy and all the mothers. No more children need to die, our children, Israeli children, Arab children, children all over the Middle East. It's time for it to stop,” shares mother Diane Matthews, who is protesting the war.

"We might as well get out now before more lives are lost, more people are crippled and injured and we kill more innocent Iraqis by being in the fire fight,” adds protestor Michelle Rehwinkel.

Sheehan told reporters in a teleconference her goal is to get American soldiers out of Iraq. Demonstrators and honking motorists seem to agree.

Sheehan vowed to stay through President Bush's month-long working vacation unless he meets with her and other grieving families.