Dennis Damage Estimates in for Thomas County

Thomas County took a hard hit when Hurricane Dennis moved onshore. Some would say much harder then ever expected.

Mike Stephenson, Thomas County Manager, says, “We've been doing our damage assessment, we probably have a couple more days to continue the damage assessment to work our totals up."

Mostly roadways, bridges and culverts are feeling the impact of the heavy rain from Hurricane Dennis.

Stephenson says there were 21 locations found damaged, mostly on the southeast side of the county. At least three of these areas will take months to repair.

The numbers are quickly adding up. The county manager says estimates are already over $800,000 and wouldn't be surprised to see them go over $1 million. The county is forwarding damage estimates to the Georgia Emergency Management Office in Atlanta in hopes of receiving state or federal assistance.

Some residents express their concerns for the costs to make repairs.

Susanne Brown, a Thomas County resident, says, "If it continues that would be a concern, that really would because I'd be worried if they're going to up our taxes; yeah, I'd be concerned."

County officials say crews are continuing to survey for damages and say that the process will continue until that job is complete.

The Thomas County manager adds that everyone helping with this process is doing an outstanding job and he is happy to see so many hard workers.