Nuts and Bolts to Boost Economy

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If you're traveling on I-10 in Madison County you may have stopped at one of their interchanges.

County officials are hoping to bring in more lodging and eating facilities making your brief stay a more enjoyable one while creating an economic boost for the area.

The Highway 53 interchange located off Interstate 10 in Madison County is bustling with activity. It's an ideal place to fill up for gas or grab a bite to eat before hitting the road, but county officials are hoping more motorists will find lodging in the rural area.

They're in the process of installing water and sewer at all four of their interchanges all in hopes of luring more businesses to Madison, while adding to their tax base.

Joseph Miranti, Madison County Manager, says, "Our homeowners are bearing the burden of the taxes here in Madison. What we hoping for is with business coming in that will help us increase our tax base with commercials and take some of the pressure of home owners."

Homeowners and potentials employees will also benefit from this plan.

Several years ago fire destroyed the Texaco gas station at the Highway 53 interchange in Madison County. Now it's just an eyesore for passing motorists. County officials are hoping with adequate infrastructure in place the interchanges will be an ideal spot for new business, bringing in jobs to the rural area.

County officials are hoping to see more hotels and non polluting businesses at all four of the interchanges, creating revenue for the county's coffers.

The county manager says right now Madison is capped at a $10 million property tax.