Vandals Strike Local Cemetery

On August 2, the Skeens placed flowers on their son Matthew's grave to mark the anniversary of his death. This week, they discovered the elaborate flowers were gone.

Debbie Skeen says, "It is sentimental to us. It hurts, it hurts very bad that you go back and the things are gone that you had just seen a day or so ago."

Live Oak city officials report several incidents of theft and vandalism in the city's Winderweedle Street Cemetery. The thieves don't stop at flowers.

Skeen says there were also big concrete angels taken from Matthew's grave and two nearby sites, his grandmother's and a family friend's.

A couple of years ago the city had a fence put in to block out traffic. The city clerk says now they have to come up with a way to keep out the thieves.

William J. McCullers, City Clerk, says, "Now we may have to take some additional steps. Maybe monitoring the cemetery by video or whatever we have to do to curb this type of activity.

McCullers says items were also taken from his wife's grave. He says the cases do not seem to be related. He says the City Council is working with the Police Department to increase patrol in the area.

The police chief says the department is still investigating.