Tallahassee Police Conduct Prostitution Sting

Tallahassee police go undercover near Brevard Street in Tallahassee, an area close to FSU's campus and one known for heavy prostitution.

SGT Ernie Stoll of the TPD Vice Unit says, "We all know that most of the prostitutes are doing this because they are substance abusers and alcoholics. We arrest some of the same ones all over again."

Friday the arrests were not of the women, but of male solicitors also known as "Johns" like the one in a black car who didn't know he had been watched.

INV Vinny Boccio of the TPD Vice Unit says, "Right now our investigators are behind a subject who just solicited one of our undercover officers. He basically offered money for sex. "

Investigators say if you believe prostitution only happens in certain areas, think again.

SGT David Ferrell of TPD Community Policing says, "One of the areas we work quite frequently and get a lot of complaints are the restrooms at Tom Brown Park. We've made a bunch of arrests out there. We continue to work it and continue to get complaints."

Ferrell says the men they arrest come in all ages; professional men, married men and college students.

With the penalty for prostitution and solicitation so low, investigators expect these men and women back on the street again.

A total of seven arrests were made during Friday's sting.