Leroy Butler: Athlete, Author, Hometown Hero and Role Model

Former Green Bay Packer Leroy Butler is accustomed to tackling his opponents on the gridiron. Now, the former athlete is tackling another subject, getting young men to live a crime-free life.

Butler is using his childhood experience and close encounter with the law to teach juvenile detainees at the Twin Oaks Juvenile Development Center to become productive members of society.

A former Green Bay Packer safety says, "One of my friends was stealing and I wasn't, and I had my bag with my receipt and I still had to go down there at that point. I said I had to get with people who think like me, positive people who can help me get to my goal, and I want to get my mom out of the worst projects in the south."

Organizers are hoping the 170-plus teens in attendance will score more than an earful from Butler's life story.

Terri Eggers, Director of Education at Twin Oaks, says, "One of the facts that he's written a book telling his own story and we're encouraging their reading and it gives them a personal author and inspiration and a book to read, and they can follow up that his mentors encouraged him to go to college."

Butler says he hopes his words of wisdom will be the game plan for these kids to turn their lives. Butler's book chronicles his life and how he was able to get out of the projects and onto the football field.