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As Hurricane Katrina bears down on "the big easy" our area is seeing an increase in visitors. Many residents living in Katrina's path have made their way to Tallahassee to escape harm’s way.

Bill Cabrera, an evacuee from Louisiana, says, "We just figured it's far enough east. We're familiar with the panhandle. We went to Pensacola; we said we'll drive a couple hours further east."

Bill, his wife and his two children had the right plan in mind. They say they wanted to beat the rush and make sure they got a hotel room before they were all booked up. Some say leaving home is worth the inconvenience.

Daisy Colson, a hotel employee, says, "There's no place like home. They don't have a problem with leaving because of here."

Traffic on I-10 appears to be moving smoothly so far with local hotels filling up quickly, and with Katrina nearing landfall, many motorists should expect to see an influx in traffic on the roadways.

Florida Highway Patrol says major travel arteries are clogged with traffic. Drivers should expect slowdowns as evacuees continue to flood in.

As for the Cabrera family, they say they are happy they evacuated early and feel safe staying in Tallahassee.