Reading Camp Update

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A summer spent reading has paid off for some Leon County third graders.

Bill Montford says, "Had 252 students that attended third grade reading academies; 25 percent made [an] adequate score on [the] test."

That breaks down to 65 students who did well enough on the SAT 9 to be considered for the fourth grade. Four Leon County schools offered the summer reading academies to third graders who scored a level one on the reading portion of the FCAT.

Apalachee had 25 percent of its students reach the 51st percentile on the SAT 9. Here's a look at the other schools: 31 percent of the students at Astoria reached the criteria, Sabal Palm had 21 percent, and Woodville had 25 percent achieve the benchmark.

Montford adds, "That is up seven percent from last year, puts us as one of highest in state."

The summer sessions give third graders struggling to read at grade level a little extra help and a second chance to make the fourth grade roll call.

Statewide summer reading academies are still in progress. School districts have until October 31 to report its post camp data to the Florida Department of Education.