Firefighting... Behind the Scenes

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"Once you get in it's complete darkness and you have to feel your way around."

They endure heat and darkness, all the while trying to get to the fire and get it under control. The community counts on these men and they answer the call with great humility.

CAPT Allen Powell of TFD says, "We're not really heroes and I appreciate the public for their thoughts on us, but we're here to do a job, and I'm quite sure that if they were in our position, they would treat us the same way as in doing what they can, going that extra mile and making sure the city is safe."

Firefighters know that in an emergency situation every second counts. When they receive a call they have less than one minute to put on 55 pounds of gear, jump on the truck and respond to the call.

Curtis Bradshaw with TFD adds, "You never know what you're going to get on any call. Sometimes you pull up on a scene and it's a structure fire or sometimes you pull up on a scene and it's a bad accident, but people know that when they see me, I'm there to help them."

A priority of the department is educating the community on fire safety, from children to senior citizens.

LT Derek Colson of TFD says, "It's more important than fighting fire because the best way to fight fire is to prevent fire."

Their job is never ending. This family ensures that the city is safe day and night.