Bus Routes Changing

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The bus routes for the Lowndes County school system have been completely changed for the upcoming school year, and that's why administrators created a new, Internet based system to help parents figure out when and where their student will be picked up this year.

Roger Christie, Transportation Director, says, "Click on there and it will take you to the next site, and there are online instructions to walk you through the process to find out the bus information. It will give you bus stop location; it will give you the time the bus will arrive."

Administrators hope parents will be able to understand the changes easier by reading about them online.

School system officials hope all parents go online and get the information they need before these school busses hit the road in just a couple of weeks for the start of a new school year.

Jennifer Hattawa says, "Having it online makes it possible to learn without having to wait until the office opens in the morning. People can still access it after hours when they get home from work, so this will be a great program and very helpful for parents."

It’s especially helpful for parents of children who will now be riding different busses for the first time in years.