Changes for Volunteer Fire Departments

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Changes are on the horizon for Leon County volunteer fire departments. For almost two decades, Leon County Emergency Management has overseen the six volunteer departments, but it won't be that way much longer.

Volunteer fire departments are a crucial part of Leon County's emergency response teams.

Jack Herring says, "There are six volunteer departments, all in the unincorporated areas of Leon County. We respond to fire calls, accidents, emergency calls."

For years the volunteer fire departments have been overseen by the county's emergency management operations, but that's about to change.

Jack Herring says, "We've all got mixed emotions about it. They have always done well by us."

The County Commission has voted to give county EMS the responsibility of overseeing the volunteers. This man and his background have a lot to do with that decision.

Chief Quillin says, "Yes, I think it does. I have a lot of experience with fire departments. I was with TFD for 14 years."

EMS Chief Quillin says this move makes sense also because the volunteers respond mostly to medical calls.

Chief Quillin says, "I want to work with the volunteer fire departments very closely and help them be an asset for the city and county."

Jack Herring adds, "I think it will all work out. We've had some commitments of cooperation. I think it will work out."

The volunteers say they're a little bit antsy but are hopeful this will be a great new long relationship. The changes, which have the backing of Sheriff Larry Campbell, will be put into place as soon as possible.