Sunday Alcohol Sales in Live Oak

A city ordinance now allows the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on Sundays in the city of Live Oak. Don Boyette is one of two councilmen who voted against the measure.

Don Boyette, President of Live Oak City Council, says, "Suwannee County has had 16 or 18 deaths so far this year and this is only July. I would believe that the majority of them are caused by DUI drivers, so why expand the ability for these people to get more alcohol if you're already having these kinds of problems?"

Establishments must have a 750 square feet minimum and hold at least 60 people in order to sell alcohol from one to 11 p.m. on Sundays. Also, 51 percent of its revenue must come from food.

Some residents say the new ordinance is almost pointless because there aren't that many establishments in the city that meet the criteria. However, some point out that with the ordinance in place that may soon change.

Michelle Kemp, a Live Oak resident, says, "This is a step, to me, in the right direction, considering our small town. This is just the beginning of what can happen for us for new businesses that come in."

The City Council says the ordinance was approved to accommodate the developing area between U.S. Highway 129 and Interstate 10 with hopes it will bring in more restaurants now that they're allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays.